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december 6, 2012 af daytartv

Woman in hell.

A young female in the United States of America, has a sickness which is called Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder or PSAD. PSAD is a sickness which makes you very sexually aroused.

The disease means, that a person is experiencing a very intense and prolonged physical lust over a period of time, it can be days or even weeks. The person is often forced to masturbate for hours just to get a little rest.

Said in another way.

She needs to get some d*** to get her thing going or else she is going to be a normal lady, and be mad all the time.

Going to the government

She is going to sue the U.S. government because of the great pain she has had during the period she has been sick.

The things she wants them to replace and give her is:

– Equipment to satisfy herself so she could get some peace in the body, such as dildos, batteries, pornographic movies and all possible other gadgets.

– Money to dating sites like , because the disease has affected her love life so much, and it is impossible for her to find a partner in any other way.

Or in normal speech, she have been using all her money on ^those things, and now she needs to get some money or else she will be broke like a homeless guy with a rusty spoon.

What do I think about it?

Seriously it’s a funny story, but the woman is having a trouble with this. I cannot imagine how though it will be to masturbate 4 hours in a row for a girl. I can only imagine it, if I were a dog or a boy. Seriously she has physical problems with this disease, but guys when they become teenagers, they got another disease which is much more serious. They become men and men only think with their… and got a psychological disease, where they only care about ladies and there big melons and boodies the rest of their lifes.


I will continue with these long articles every Thursday.

Have a nice day Boys and girls

Daytar tabs out.



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