epic one liners

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december 8, 2012 af daytartv


i have made some one liners to you today.

-you know you have a large penis, When the firedepartment is using it to put out fires.
-Shakespeare is actually the writer of the twiligth saga, it’s not really a joke, but it’s better than saying my mom has a larger penis than me”.
-you know it’s going to be awkward the rest of the nigth if you ask a lady how far she is with her pregnansy and her Answar is “I am not pregnant”.
-you know you’ve had a good nigth when:

1: you still have a comdom on and your mom is giving you aweird look…….. then you look next to you and there is a naked guy who is smiling.

2: you have peed on a lamppost and you look like this.hangover foto
have a nice day boys and girls.
Daytar taps out.


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